[GRRN] Help on quantifying weight/price of reusable goods...

Anne Frisch (annef@spnec.org)
Wed, 09 Dec 1998 16:19:23 -0600

The Saint Paul Neighborhood Energy Consortium (NEC) launched their =
residential materials exchange program in April, 1998. The program, =
called the Free Market (SM), has been very successful so far. We have had =
over 250 successful exchanges.=20
We are now looking for help on ways to quantify our success. Does anyone =
know of a listing, database or anything where we can find out the =
approximate weight, disposal price and diverted purchase price of typical =
household items such as sinks, carpeting, couches, window, lawnmowers, =
Any input is much appreciated. E-mail the list-serve or to me directly at =

For those interested in checking out the Free Market, we are on the web at =
www.twincitiesfreemarket.org. Comments on the web page are welcome too. =
(Please only list items if you live in the Saint Paul/Twin Cities metro =
area - thanks.)

Anne Frisch

Saint Paul Neighborhood Energy Consortium
475 North Cleveland, #100
Saint Paul, MN 55104
(651) 644-7678