Re: [GRRN] Plastic shopping bags
Tue, 8 Dec 1998 14:35:17 EST


That's pretty cool of those stores to overcome their usual paranoid feelings
about having used bags hanging around for the good of the environment. I've
run into concerns from the larger stores expressing fear of the nasty bugs
that may congregate in saved grocery bags. Although it may be true to some
extent, I have often wondered to what extent. We collect brown paper bags for
recycling from our curbside subscribers and have never noticed an

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<< Ford,

When I lived in Santa Cruz, CA from 1973 to 1980, there were stores that
did charge if you used a new store bag, and not if you reused a bag.
There were bins at the front of these stores for people to deposit any
type of empty bag they wanted to get rid of for others to reuse.

Myra >>