Re[2]: [GRRN] Plastic shopping bags

Brown, Rebecca (
Mon, 07 Dec 1998 08:44:00 -0800

Hi Ford,

All stores do charge for the use of their bags - we just don't see that added
a separate line item on our receipts. And unfortunately, they don't advertise
the fact that using our own bags will get us a nickel/bag back.

Rebecca Brown

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Subject: Re: [GRRN] Plastic shopping bags
Date: 12/7/98 4:36 AM

Date: Mon, Dec 7, 1998 4:36 AM
Subject: Re: [GRRN] Plastic shopping bags
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Hi all,

Obviously, if we're striving for ZeroWaste, reuseable bags is the answer. I
wish more stores would reward people for doing it, at least by charging for
the use of the store's bags.


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