Plastics Recycling - PET Handles

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Mon, 16 Nov 1998 15:12:22 -0600

According to the November 1998 issue of Plastics News, "PET bottle with
integral handle goes commercial" --

"A 2 liter 79-g bottle of cooking oil hitting store shelves in New
Zealand is said to be the first commercial application of a PET bottle with
an integral handle. The bottle is molded at Carter Holt Harvey Plastic
Products, Hamilton NZ, and filled by the customer, Liquimaid Products Ltd.,
in Wellington."

This new technique (integral handles) that uses normal PET in current
injection stretch PET molds is of importance to design for recyclability
principles because previous molding of handled PET bottles required the use
of a PET variant, PETG (for glycol), which, while not a contaminant in
minor proportions limited, e.g., to few >gallon size PET bottles, would be
a major headache if adopted for 2 liter soda bottles which are ubiquitous
in the PET stream. (NOTE: Coke suggested last spring that it was
considering adding handles to its 2 liter soft drink bottles to pump up

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