Zero Cut Meets Zero Waste?

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Date: Friday, November 13, 1998 7:36 AM
Subject: Welcome

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Dear Forest Friends,

I want to welcome you to this new list which has been provided
by the
Zero Cut Campaign to facilitate communication between you and the other
people who are working in support of the National Forest Protection and
Restoration Act. I am the Network Coordinator for the Campaign and work
out of our Network Office in Bloomington, IN.

There is an active, ongoing initiative in support of this
bill, but
the Campaign to end commercial logging includes a more diversified
strategy. The Zero Cut Coordinating Committee, which has now been
meeting for two years, has identified seven key components to the work
in which we are engaged. They are Legislation, Litigation, Strategic
Organizing, Media, Direct Action, Public Education, and Fundraising. The
Committee realizes that it has been the diverse efforts of activists
like you that have brought us to this point and that it will take that
same kind of multiple effort to secure our public lands. This means that
whatever form your work takes, there is a place for you to contribute to
this historic venture.

Over the next week I will be providing more details about each of
these components and updating you about current activites and events.
We also want this list serve to allow for the exchange of ideas and for
the discussion of questions. I look forward to hearing suggestions from
you as to how we can make this conversation most useful. Together, we
can protect our precious public lands and provide the heritage of
healthy forests for future generations.

Yours for the Forest,
Alison Cochran
Network Coordinator
Zero Cut Campaign
P.O. Box 5633
Bloomington, IN 47401
812-336-2668 phone
812-336-2669 fax