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[GreenYes] Climate Change Challenge $75k Financial Times

Title: [GreenYes] Climate Change Challenge $75k Financial Times - entries due Jan 30, 2009
PRESS RELEASE: $75,000 prize spurs innovation

Published: November 12 2008 17:12 | Last updated: November 12 2008 17:12
Press release, 13 November 2008

Innovators working on new ways to tackle climate change are to go
head to head in a global competition for the funding to make their
idea a reality. The FT Climate Change Challenge, launched today by
the FT, HP and sustainable development organisation Forum for the
Future, will seek out the most exciting innovations - practical
ideas which will reduce emissions and make us more resilient to the
change ahead. The winner, chosen by Financial Times readers and an
eminent panel of global business leaders, innovators and climate
change experts, will receive a $75,000 prize sponsored by HP to help
develop their product or service and bring it to market. All the
best ideas will be presented to the FT?s worldwide business
audience, and in this way the competition aims to help a range of
projects to attract the support they need to scale up and maximise
their ability to tackle climate change.

?Humankind needs all the ingenuity it can muster to tackle climate
change. We will be showcasing some of the world?s best low-carbon

We intend to show that there are solutions to climate change and
that money can be made from them,? said Peter Madden, chief
executive of the Forum. The competition aims to find the most
promising innovations in every field which has a role to play in
responding to climate change. The winning entry could be a technical
advance in reducing emissions or a social innovation helping
individuals become more resilient to the local impacts of climate
change. The key requirement is that the ideas will have moved off
the drawing board and demonstrated their feasibility. Entries must
specify how they would use the prize money to develop and extend the
product or service. Innovations which have been developed by large
companies or which already have major financial support will not be
considered. Forum For The Future will review all the entries and
present the 12 most innovative, promising ideas to our panel of
judges. They will select five ideas which can be developed and
scaled up effectively to give the greatest contribution to tackling
climate change. FT readers will vote to select the winner who will
be announced in the spring.

The judges are:
        * Lionel Barber, Editor, Financial Times
        * Sir Richard Branson, Chairman, Virgin Group
        * Eileen Claussen, President, Pew Center on Global Climate Change
        and Strategies for the Global Environment
        * Mark Hurd, Chairman of the Board and CEO, HP
        * Sir Terry Leahy, CEO, Tesco
        * Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, Director-General, TERI and
        Chairman, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
        * Jonathon Porritt, Founder Director, Forum for the Future
        and Chairman, UK Sustainable Development Commission
        * Leon Sandler, Executive Director, Deshpande Center for
        Technological Innovation, MIT

Entry forms can be completed or downloaded on the Forum website. The
deadline for applications is January 30th, 2009.

Read FT coverage of the competition at:

Forum For The Future
Alex Johnson, Communications Officer:
a.Johnson@no.address or +44 (0) 20 7324 3624
David Mason, Head of Communications:
d.mason@no.address or +44 (0) 20 7324 3631
Financial Times
Tom Glover, Deputy Director of Communications:
tom.glover@no.address or +44 (0)20 7775 6840
Copyright The Financial Times Limited 2008

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