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[GreenYes] another rip off of the Zero Waste name


Renewable energy experts diversify


To tap into opportunities in the fast-growing environmental business, two local manufacturers have blended their expertise in energy and machinery to serve a new market.

A joint venture company called Zero Waste Ltd has been formed by Royal Equipment Ltd (REL), a renewable energy system management consultant that holds 60%, and the machinery designer and maker Therm Engineering Ltd (TEL) with 40%.

Zero Waste has registered capital of 10 million baht, according to REL president Phichai Tinsuntisook.

The new firm intends to bid for concessions to operate major waste management projects of municipalities across the country.

''Dozens of municipalities at present are struggling to seek available landfill sites in the face of opposition by community residents and strict environmental regulations,'' Mr Pichai said.

At the same time, the proliferation of sludge from households and factories is noticeable.

Zero Waste will focus on projects worth at least 300 million baht; otherwise, REL will enter the bidding itself.

He said the two partners were well placed to pool their expertise. REL is experienced in managing waste while TEL owns pyrolysis technology and produces machinery and equipment. Pyrolysis is a technology used to convert plastic waste back to its original form, crude oil.

The joint venture will operate fully integrated production, from initial waste management to turning wastes to renewable fuels in one single unit, such as biogas from landfill and crude from plastic waste, liquefied petroleum gas, heat or fertiliser, and use these fuels for generating power.

REL recently won a bid for a 90-million-baht waste-to-energy project by Khon Kaen Municipality. The project will begin construction within this year.

Mr Pichai said the joint venture was also open for other potential partners to form a consortium to join bids.

The Energy Policy and Planning Office has earmarked a budget of 105 million baht to finance municipal waste-to-energy projects.

EPPO will finance 32% of total project cost up to 35 million baht for each one, with a requirement that it have a capacity to manage more than 30 tonnes a day of waste, six tonnes of which should be plastic.

Qualified projects also need to produce biogas and electricity output that could be sold to the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, which will pay an additional price of 2.50 baht per unit (kilowatt/hour) on top of normal power rate.

Three municipalities have received financial support so far: Khon Kaen, Warin Chamrap in Ubon Ratchathani, and Phitsanulok.

Mr Pichai said REL was now conducting research on jatropha production, focusing on how to develop output from the plants apart from biodiesel. Other possible applications are chemical, pharmaceutical and fertiliser products.



Eric Lombardi

Executive Director

Eco-Cycle Inc

5030 Pearl St.

Boulder, CO. 80301



"We don't have a waste problem, we have a resource opportunity."


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