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[GreenYes] Language/Wordsmithing for Multifamily Recycling

Title: [GreenYes] Language/Wordsmithing for Multifamily Recycling

I am working with residential multifamily locations that are having
significant contamination problems, as well as an overall lack of
participation issues in their recycling programs.  I am in the process
of drafting a letter that will be included with the move-in recycling
information distributed to new residents by management offices.  The
aim of the letter is to outline to residents how correctly participate
in the provided recycling program.  However in Ann Arbor,
participation in the city’s residential recycling program in mandated
through city ordinance.  I was wondering if other communities/cities
with similar ordinances have property management companies which have
included in their lease language signed by tenants/residents an
explanation of why participation is required and how to correctly
participate at their multifamily location.  What I’m wondering is,
whether or not some of this language for multifamily recycling could
be helpful in the letter I’m drafting.

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