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[GreenYes] International Dialog in Italy in February 2009

Moved/Seconded by Rick Anthony/Gary Liss:
“The Zero Waste International Alliance Planning Group shall convene an International Dialog on Zero Waste in Italy in February 2009, subject to availability of sponsors and funding needed."
AYE: Rick Anthony, Gary Liss, Mal Williams, Gerry Gillespie, Sonia Mendoza, Muna Lakhani
NAY: 0 Motion carries (Quorum is 5).  It's onward and upward to Italy in 2009!
Next we will set the time and place and call for papers.   Now is a good to time to raise concerns on these lists. GRRN has agreed to help promote the event through discussion on the list. JM has agreed to help us with GAIA.

Last April-May 2008 Paul Connett, Eric Lombardi, Jeff Morris and I presented at Zero Waste conferences and town meetings throughout northern Italy.  The result was the same everywhere: the local grassroots citizens attended, ready to listen to another way of handling community and business discards.  The Italian Zero Waste alliance led by Rossano Ercolini was able to network our group of traveling Zero Waste experts to local Zero Waste representatives in each town.  There is a network of Zero Waste advocates growing throughout the country and all of Europe.  It is time to organize a ZWIA face-to-face meeting, since Europe is getting to critical mass, and if we don't get organized, we stand to lose our brand.
Rossano has agreed to work with us to host a ZWIA gathering in Italy.  I suggested Rome but it could be anywhere where there is mass transit and reasonable lodging.  We are planning for February 2009.
Since ZWIA’s first meetings in Penang and Beaumaris we have held two International Dialogs (San Francisco 2004 and Davos 2007).  In all cases our coming together has led to synergies that have captured the imagination of the world.   The movement for Zero Waste in Italy is a surge in grassroots activities propelled by the threat of global warming, proposed incinerators and the European Union’s decree to phase out organics from landfilling.  The whole region is interested in what Zero Waste is and how to implement it.
With major corporations leading the way,  Zero Waste is now seen as an effective means for complying with greening of the earth standards and the results  have been wins in efficiency and perception.  It is very important that we join together on a global basis and adopt over arching principles for those who will be tasked by their company or government to implement these programs.  We need to discuss and endorse our methodology and metrics.
Rossano and our ZWIA Italy friends are willing to help us host this event.  The ZWIA Planning Group (ZWIA Plan) will put together the program.  As organizers, Gary Liss and I are taking the initiative and will follow up on all tasks.  I plan to be there on site to the finish, and we will have principles that we want to adopt and to address how to make ZWIA more sustainable.
We think the structure of the International Dialog organized in San Francisco works as a model for this event in Italy: 
  • One half day on Wednesday afternoon (followed by a social dinner) for a ZWIA Planning Group face to face networking and organizing meeting. 
  • Thursday/Friday International Dialog.  Reports on Zero Waste policies, programs and facilities implemented by business and communities from around the world.  Consider papers on proposed international policy (e.g. Davos Zero Waste accords, Blue Mountain Recyclers statement, Zero Waste 10 Commandments from Mal Williams, City to Soils of Gerry Gillespie) and discuss over arching principles of Zero Waste.  Hopefully by the end of the second day we will have positions that ZWIA will be able to circulate to adopt internationally.
  • Saturday Zero Waste community workshop with local organizers on how to initiate and adopt Zero Waste policies and plans for businesses and communities.

In San Francisco we were able to raise some money for speaker travel from primarily California state agencies, which we knew well.  This time the locals will get the location but you may have to take care of your travel.  We can solicit organizations or foundations to get travel funding but I suggest you start looking around locally as well. 
The last time in Davos we tried to broadcast on the Internet which worked but most of you were asleep or at work.  Budget and facilities permitting, we may try to arrange those type of connections again for some presentations.  But it’s time that the full ZWIA Planning Group attend in person.
Rick and Gary
San Diego, California


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