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[GreenYes] Re: Performance of Rural Solid Waste Convenience Centers pay by the bag systems compared to 'free systems'

Hello Blair:

The Del Norte County, California  facility might be of interest to you.  Located in one of the most remote, scenic, and rural parts of the state, it's a reuse, recycling, and wasting transfer station, purpose-built on a 14 acre site.  It features many different unloading stations for different materials at different rates.  People are encouraged to minimize actual wastes by separating upstream and delivering them clean for reuse or recycling disposal.  If they don't, they pay more because mixed-waste dumping is the most expensive disposal option.  

We'll be talking about the facility at a workshop August 6 at CRRA's annual conference in Burlingame, California.  An Urban Ore design team led by Mark Gorrell, Architect, did the layout.  Mark will help me present the initial design, and Kevin Hendrick, who runs the facility, will also provide an update on its current performance. 

Dan Knapp, Ph.D.
Urban Ore, Inc. , a reuse and recycling company in Berkeley, California since 1980 
On Jun 18, 2008, at 10:45 AM, Blair Pollock wrote:

On a much more prosaic note than the recent high flying discussions about zero waste --- Are there any studies/experience of communities that have solid waste convenience centers for disposal, especially in rural areas that have shifted from 'free' waste disposal  to 'fee' waste disposal e.g. pay-by-the-bag or by the pound/kG and how that change affected waste generation rates v. recycling and/or how the change interacted w/ the use of subscription waste haulers instead of self haul to the centers?
Our community has about 20,000 households in the unincorporated areas and about 500,000 (yes half a million) convenience center visits annually which we believe are predominantly from those rual households as urban households have weekly 'free' waste, recycling and brush collection at the curb -- granted that the centers are full-service w/ recycling, C&D disposal, brush, motor oil, filters, batteries, swap sheds, tires, electronics and bulky household item disposal, but it's all 'free' i.e.paid for  in the general fund.
We're examining alternatives to having a system of only that option v. laissez-faire waste hauling where any hauler can pick you up; some have 5 haulers in their area, not too efficient.
Thanks, happy strawberry full moon.
Blair Pollock
Solid Waste Planner
Orange County Solid Waste Management Department
P.O. Box 17177
Chapel Hill, NC 27516-7177
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