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[GreenYes] Re: Recycling Food Scraps

That is interesting.  Here are other examples of how food scraps or excess or leftovers or close to expiry date food are used in other countries:

1) In Malaysia a group of volunteers collect unwanted foodstuff and vegetables from the market to cook vegetarian meals for the destitute.

The group also collect unwanted pots and pans for this "Food not Bomb" project.

2) Second Harvest picks up donated fresh food, which would otherwise have gone to waste, and delivers that food to social service programs in the Greater Toronto Area. Second Harvest currently provides food for about 13,000 meals a day to children in breakfast programs, seniors on fixed incomes, women fleeing domestic abuse, psychiatric patients, homeless people, and many others who have fallen on hard times. Forty per cent of Second Harvest's recipients are children and youth.

The "
fresh food" mentioned here are food close to expiry date.  To find out their source of donated food, check out their food donors list:

To find out who benefit from this project, go to:

Some of the food collected are used to train delinquents as chef so that they can have a 2nd chance in life.


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