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I've never had any trouble getting coffee poured for me into a cup I supply the barrista.  No one asks if it's certified.  They just fill it up.  My favorite reusable cup is a cheap used one with "Corning" stamped on the bottom.  These are extremely hard ceramic cups that are hard to break.  I carry one in my lunch bag or briefcase.

I don't think I ever get a price break for using my own cup, though.

Dan Knapp
Urban Ore, Inc.

On Jun 13, 2008, at 1:34 PM, Karen Bograd wrote:

I was eating lunch with some friends yesterday, and we noticed how much waste we accumulated just during our simple lunch. One of the major items being the single use cups for our drinks. As we sat there, we discussed what could be done to have a certified reusable cup that one could bring in to any fast/fast like food place to use. Understanding, of course, that there would be a fee for the drink, but one that is less than what is currently charged.
As the resident environmentalist in the group, I was tasked to find out if this idea has been explored before, what are the issues surrounding it, etc.?

Thank you for any information you might have on this idea.
Karen Bograd
Administrative Services Manager
Phoenix Resources Recycling
(919) 787-0883
We Shred ... Then Recycle!

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