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[GreenYes] Zero Waste Fights Global Warming

Title: Sierra Club
We are getting some national staff attention and they included the announcement and link to the new report showing how Zero Waste actions are one of the top greenhouse gas reduction activities of in the entire range of climate change actions.  Please scroll down to #4 for the link to the report and llook for the table that shows the amounts of GHG reduction based on specific actions.
Ann Schneider
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Currents newsletter

Volume VI, #117
June 10, 2008

"Just take what you love doing, and do it with enough other people to make it the future."

-- Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope, a snippet of his fascinating conversation with Van Jones, in the premiere episode of This Brave Nation, an on-line series featuring progressive leaders.

In this issue

1) Take Action: Support Strong Global Warming Legislation
2) Take Action: Urge Your Senators to Extend Clean Energy Tax Incentives
3) New: Light Bulbs to Leadership
4) New Report: Zero Waste Fights Global Warming

1) Take Action: Support Strong Global Warming Legislation
Debate over the first serious climate change bill to reach the Senate floor -- the Climate Security Act -- was derailed by the Republican leadership last week when the Senate was unable to defeat a filibuster led by Minority Leader McConnell and Senators Allard (CO), Inhofe (OK), and Cornyn (TX). However, this vote (48 to 36) showed progress in the effort to get the Congress to take decisive action to reduce carbon emissions. 48 Senators voted in favor of moving forward with the legislation.

The debate is no longer about whether global warming is occurring, but who will pay and who will benefit from the proposed solutions. A strong global warming bill must drive emissions reductions in a way that strengthens a clean energy economy, meets science-based standards and is fair to American families and workers.

Currents action alert arrow

Ask Congress to support strong global warming legislation!

2) Take Action: Urge Your Senators to Extend Clean Energy Tax Incentives
Minority leadership in the Senate is holding up important legislation to help America move towards a clean energy economy. The bill passed the House in May and could be one of our last opportunities to extend these incentives, many of which expire at the end of this year.

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Tell your Senators to keep the clean energy economy growing and help consumers save money on their energy bills by supporting this legislation.

3) New: Light Bulbs to Leadership
Across the U.S., more and more people are taking steps to fight global warming. Americans are changing their lightbulbs but to really solve global warming, we need to change more than lightbulbs: we need to change direction. We need action that is strong, urgent and bold enough to get the job done.

The Sierra Club is doing its part through a new Lightbulbs to Leadership Campaign.

Join us as we tell our leaders and public officials that its time to change direction on global warming!

4) New Report: Zero Waste Fights Global Warming
A new report -- Stop Trashing the Climate -- concludes that increased recycling and composting are easily-achievable and essential measures to help meet U.S. greenhouse gas reduction targets. Along with waste prevention, expanded recycling and composting can have the same climate protection impact as closing 21% of the nation's 417 coal-burning power plants according to the report. The report shows that zero waste -- preventing waste and strengthening recycling and composting -- is one of the fastest, cheapest and most effective strategies for confronting global warming.

Get some more information about Sierra Club's Zero Waste efforts here.  


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