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[GreenYes] Zero Waste Business Workshop, 5/6/08, Riverside, CA

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Clean Production and the Triple Bottom Line
May 6,  2008, Riverside, CA

Zero Waste Businesses are leading the way for Zero Waste and have diverted over 90% of their waste from landfill and incineration.  Join us to understand how businesses are working to achieve Clean Production and the Triple Bottom Line.  By attending this session, participants will be better able to:
    • Provide innovative policy and economic incentives to eliminate waste and focus on reuse at businesses
    • Conduct waste audits to Identify opportunities for reducing waste at businesses and institutions
    • Implement corporate-wide educational programs to promote Clean Production, the Triple Bottom Line, Resource Management and Zero Waste
    • Talk about industry leaders who are showing the way to Clean Production
COURSE TITLE: Moving Business to Clean Production and the Triple Bottom Line

This advanced course is intended to provide participants with an advanced understanding of Clean Production principles including the triple bottom line.  As a vital component of zero waste, clean production represents best practices utilized by a growing number of businesses to avoid wasting and achieve local, state, and federal legal requirements including international ISO 14001 environmental standards.  Many companies in California have adopted these clean production principles, and are making money while protecting the environment.  The workshop will include three components: (1) a 3-hour interactive lecture, (2) a one-hour facilitated laboratory, and (3) a 30 minute exam.   A course workbook will be provided.

In this course, students will be introduced to why it is necessary to more fully understand four areas that impact the successful implementation of clean production.
  • Economics
  • Education and training
  • Private and public policies and regulations
  • The ecology of wasting (why waste happens)
The workshop will include two components:

A three-hour lecture with questions
A one-hour laboratory.  The lab will involve the students by organizing them into teams that will tackle a real world problem and provide a combined classroom presentation.  The lab component will help students to integrate the lessons learned into a cohesive strategy for the future of their business or community.  The real world problem solving will be focused on solving both a business related and a community-based issue designed to illustrate the need for a balanced and integrated solution.

Prior to class, please review the following websites to become familiar with leading Zero Waste Communities and Zero Waste Businesses:

Zero Waste Businesses -

If you would like more info on other Zero Waste resources, go to: or email gary@no.address for a 5-page list of resources.  Also, please review the PowerPoint before the class as well, at the Students Only access to the page.

A test will be required for certification.

A course workbook will be provided. We will show sample documents in class, including Zero Waste Business Principles and useful references on Clean Production, Extended Producer Responsibility and Zero Waste Businesses.


J. Michael Huls is President of Huls Environmental Management, the CEO of Huls Environmental Media, both California Corporations, and an Acting Director of the California Take It Back Partnership, a volunteer 501(c)(3) stewardship organization. Mr. Huls is a California Registered Environmental Assessor (#01382), who is widely recognized for his expertise in integrated environmental management and zero waste systems.  Mr. Huls' experience spans 36 years and ranges from award winning resource management systems to innovative storm water management programs.  He was a co-founding Board Member of the National Recycling Coalition, and a co-founder of the California Resource Recovery Association.  He has served on the technical advisory committees and presented at the 7th World Recycling Congress and the inaugural International Forum on Environmental Legislation and Sustainable Development, both held in Beijing, China (2006). 

Since 1979, he has consulted with many prestigious agencies and industries.  For the US EPA, he led development of the hazardous waste management facility permit system and conducted over 300 industrial facility assessments.  He advised the Chemical Manufacturers' Association on environmental control technologies, and consulted to the National Science Foundation on recycling technologies. Huls performed state-of-the-art research for the US Congress on Glass and Plastic Recycling, and conducted world wide assessments of municipal recycling for the World Bank and United Nations that markedly influenced grant and loan strategies world wide.  He counseled the State of Nebraska on market development, led Verizon Communications to real product stewardship by increasing their phone book recovery program from 6% to over 50%, and has advised foreign governments on development of waste minimization systems.  At the local level, he has performed hundreds of consultations with over 100 California municipalities on recycling and zero waste management implementation. 

His pioneering work in recycling program implementation with municipalities in California since 1990 includes electronic waste recycling, commercial and C&D debris recovery programs, multifamily recycling, biomass conversion and composting, and industrial recycling development. He has conducted over two-dozen discarded resource generation studies; performed hundreds of environmental and business process audits that have garnered an average of 63% diversion from landfilling; conducted numerous refuse rate studies and negotiated innovative collection rate structures; facilitated and negotiated performance-based contracts with haulers and markets; conducted performance and fee assessments of private and municipal haulers that have identified almost $50 million dollars for potential and real cost recovery; and performed several RFP processes for single and multiple hauler municipal franchises.  He has developed innovative and sustainable zero waste programs for many businesses and municipalities using his proprietary Zero Waste Assessment Module (ZWAM) based on nine key waste generating characteristics that can be routinely found in businesses: office, hospitality, construction, grounds, food services, manufacturing, vehicle maintenance, warehousing and distribution, and retail.  These assessments readily identify potential opportunities for zero waste applications through careful supply and demand integration of "wasted" matter and energy. 


Board of Directors, South Bay Business Environmental Coalition (current)
Board of Directors, Ecol-Lynx Foundation (current)
Co-Founding Board Member, National Recycling Coalition, 1976
Board of Trustees, California Resource Management Training Institute (current)
Co-Founder, California Resource Recovery Association (1974)
Advisor, Earth Resources Foundation (current)
Advisor, American Public Works Association's Solid Waste Forum (Southern California) (current)

Gary Liss, Trustee has over 30 years of experience in the solid waste and recycling field.  Gary Liss is currently President of Gary Liss & Associates (GLA) which advises public and private sector clients on strategic solid waste and recycling policy and program analyses; develops public and private Zero Waste Plans; evaluates and develops Resource Recovery Parks; designs incentive-based solid waste and recycling systems; drafts RFPs and contracts for municipal solid waste and recycling services; and develops proposals and joint ventures among innovative reuse; recycling and composting companies. 
Previously he was Executive Director of the California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA).   For CRRA, Mr. Liss organized workshops and their Annual Conference, including the first Zero Waste Conference in the nation in 1997.   Under his leadership, CRRA adopted its Agenda for the New Millennium, which calls for Zero Waste as a new goal for resource and waste management.  Mr. Liss also assisted CRRA in the formation of GRRN, a national advocacy for Zero Waste, and the Global Recycling Council (GRC), which advocates for Zero Waste primarily within California.
Prior to that, Mr. Liss was Solid Waste Manager for the City of San Jose, CA and developed their recycling programs into a national model, which is currently diverting 62% of the waste stream.  Before that, he worked for the U.S. Conference of Mayors, a national solid waste consulting firm, the New Jersey Department of Energy, and the City of Newark, New Jersey. 
He has a Masters in Public Administration from Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey, and a Bachelor's in Civil Engineering (Environmental Engineering major) from Tufts University.  In 2005, Mr. Liss was extensively trained in the Zero Emissions Research & Initiatives ( and is now a Certified ZERI System Designer.

Where & When
Where & When
Date: May 6, 2008
Time: Registration 8:30 - 9:30
Instruction: 9:30 - 4:00*
County Flood Control offices
1995 Market St.
Riverside, CA 92501
COST: $85 Member; $100 Non Member per workshop,

Who Should Register
This program is one that will benefit individuals working in the recycling, composting, reuse, resource management and solid waste management fields.  Individuals will receive training valuable for enhancing employable skills.  Whether a person is new to the industry, or a seasoned professional, this program is designed to give an in depth understanding of the skills and technical expertise required for success in the recycling and resource management fields.
Training and workshops are open to all persons. 
Individuals enrolled in the certification program and who complete a test, will receive a certificate of completion for each course. For more information and to enroll in the certification program, View details of certification
Recycling & Resource Management Professional Certification
This workshop is part of a program aimed at training and certifying recycling and resource management professionals by the California Resource Recovery Association. This is the fourth of six workshop series which will be held in 2008.  For a full list of all future trainings, visit CRRA Certification calendar at: For more information about this Certification Program, go to:

REGISTER NOW for 5/6/08:
These workshops are available in part due to a Grant from the US Environmental Protection Agency. Sponsored by the City of Los Angeles.

CA Resource Recovery Assoc | PO Box 1228 | San Luis Obispo | CA | 93406

Gary Liss
Gary Liss & Associates
4395 Gold Trail Way
Loomis, CA  95650-8929
Fax: 916-652-0485

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