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[GreenYes] Sierra Club seeks comments Landfill Guidance

To: Zero Waste Forum, EQST Leaders, CalActivists, Loma Prieta Zero Waste Committee:
Please forward to your chapter's Conservation Committee
The Zero Waste Committee is soliciting comments on the updated "Landfill Guidance Document".  The Sierra Club Board of Directors approved the "Zero Waste: Cradle to Cradle Policy for the 21st Century" on February 23, 2008.  They were concerned that the new policy does not specifically address recycling and landfill specifics that were included in the old "Municipal Solid Waste Policy", 1992.  So they asked that the old guidance documents from 1992 be attached to the new policy, until such time, as the Zero Waste Committee could complete the update of the old guidance.  The Zero Waste Committee will be working on a series of new guidance documents that will update the information in the old 1992 guidance documents.  Some of the topics to be included in new guidance documents are:
  • Extended Producer Responsibility Legislation:  What are EPR Laws, Ordinances and Local Actions
  • Recycling's Contributions to the Reduction of Greenhouse Gases
  • Residential Reuse and Recycling Systems
  • Commerical, Industrial and Institutional Reuse and Recycling Systems
  • Compost Operations: Types of composting, Feedstocks and Facility Siting
  • Waste-to-Energy: Types of Systems and Potential Feedstocks
  • Landfill Siting Issues
  • Landfill-Gas-To-Energy (in pre-guidance stage)
  • And finally and first most, the "Landfill Guidance"
We would like to get your comments on the "Landfill Guidance".  It has just been posted to Clubhouse (Wednesday, April 16, 2008 and will open for comments for 30 days so until May 16, 2008).  We ask that you go to Clubhouse and make your comments on the comment section as then those comments are maintained in the Club's archives.  Here is the link. Look for the announcement under the "What's New" Column on the right hand side. 
Follow the links to review the new and the old Landfill Guidance. 
If you have any problems posting, then please send your comments to Peter Anderson at Peter.Anderson@no.address and cc me (email below).  My thanks in advance for your comments.
Ann Schneider
Chair, Zero Waste Committee
Environmental Quality Strategy Team
Sierra Club

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