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[GreenYes] Zero Waste tops Newsweek list of 10 Fixes for the Planet

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10 Fixes For the Planet
By Anne Underwood | NEWSWEEK
Apr 14, 2008 Issue

"Scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs are focusing on ways to help the environment. Some of our favorite ideas:
1. Zero waste: Recycling paper, plastic and aluminum is a start, but, oh, so 20th century.

Eric Lombardi hates waste. "Landfills are like black holes, where resources go in and never come out," says the executive director of Eco-Cycle, a nonprofit recycler in Boulder, Colo. "As the world's population explodes and its resource base shrinks, we can't afford that." Instead, Lombardi wants manufacturers to make most or all of their products fully recyclable, using materials designed to be recaptured rather than ending up in junkyards. It's not impossible, as companies like Shaw Carpets and office-furniture maker Steelcase are showing. Both make products with stringent C2C Certification, indicating total recyclability--and 40 other companies, tapping into the green building trend, are doing the same. "Waste is expensive and inefficient," says Lombardi. "It only appears cheap because the market doesn't send bills to industry for groundwater pollution and resource depletion."

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