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[GreenYes] Solar Rental Primer

Hello to the Zero Waste-San Diego & GreenYes groups,

  I just wanted to post a comment regarding Raymond Paulson's recent email and his top suggestion on his FYI for Zero Carbon list: that homeowners can rent their PV solar system from vs. affording a high priced PV system purchase on their own.  I'm pleased to say that I happen to be an independent sales associate for the company called Citizenre whose website this is.  If anyone would like more direct information on this nation-wide solar rental program, please feel free to contact me at 619-501-9366.  If you're checking us out on-line, I'd appreciate it if you'd be sure to add my "/greenislandsolar" extension to the URL in Raymond's this:

This way I can personally be involved in helping anyone from the group understand Citizenre's very unique and affordable "REnU" solar rental program.  It'll be getting more press soon.  In case your interested, this program makes it possible for a lot lot more average citizens to achieve carbon neutrality, at least with their electricity consumption.  Citizenre charges a flat monthly rental fee which, depending on the size of the system needed, should be close to the same cost as they're paying out on average to their local utility for conventional non-green power.

  Just so you know, Citizenre's first nation-wide installations are slated to begin in September '08.  In the meantime, homeowners can reserve their REnU system at no cost (sign-up for free), risk-free (you can cancel without penalty prior to installation) and can lock-in today's rental rate for up to 25 years.  The only other expense is a $500 security deposit due just prior to installation (which by-the-way, is refundable with interest at the end of the contract). 

  For anyone signing-up in San Diego, it's good to know that we live in one of the first 20 cities to be served by Citizenre's installers come this September.  This means that installations reserved today should be fulfilled about a year from now.  If anyone has been planning to do something to offset their own carbon footprint anyway, then I recommend it as a great "Plan B" to have in the works while you save up your money for your "Plan A".  "Plan B" by the way is often more affordable, thus making it "Plan A" for most of us.

  Aside from my efforts with Citizenre, I myself am working to do my green part.  I already own my own PV system, run bio-diesel in my car and compost at home.  As part of Zero Waste-San Diego goes, I've merely been an interested citizen that follows your Zero Waste group and its unique green topics.  I've enjoy reading the group's correspondence and keeping environmentally informed on a local level.  So I want to thank Raymond (whom I don't know) for inadvertently including his reference to Citizenre.  Although I'm also in a "green" field with Citizenre, I really hadn't had any overt idea of marketing your group with Citizenre until reading Raymond's FYI's.  I thought expanding on the subject would be productive since achieving a goal of near zero carbon output will require nearly everyone's participation.  So thanks again for getting familiar with and perhaps  joining our solution.  It's a really clever model for getting tens to hundreds of thousands of homes into green energy over the next several years.  Most are houses that would not have joined up so soon with the green revolution and its  goal of carbon neutrality.  Hopefully as many San Diegan's as possible will be in this mix if they get informed of low cost options to a solar purchase so we all benefit.

  What we're doing is pretty interesting and it is exciting to be a part of.  Our other website explains a lot more of what Citizenre is about as a company. 

Clicking on: "View Our Mission" is a good place to start.  Just so you know, anyone 18 and over can sign themselves up and become involved (again at no cost) to become an independent sales associate (aka "Ecopreneur") through this same website.


Greg Breslauer
Citizenre Ecopreneur/Sales Manager

PS. - This email was intended to be more an informative one-time comment from someone involved in Citizenre, than it is a blatant pitch to have any of you sign up.  My apologies if it was perceived to have had a semi-commercial bent, but at least you know about what we're up to.  Again, a truly big thanks to you all for your tireless zero-waste efforts. -  Peace

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