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[GreenYes] Best trade magazines?

Title: [GreenYes] Best trade magazines?


    I've recently realized that for all the years I've been doing/working
on things related to things we discuss and do in relation to this list, I
haven't actually gotten many trade magazines related to the subjects.  I
used to live by my various trade magazines in computers, meeting planning,
etc.. and I suddenly realized I've gotten few if any related to recycling,
reuse, environmental stuff, alternative power, deconstruction, etc. etc.

    So I'm wondering what everybody's favorite, best, etc. trade magazines
are.  I've recently signed up for one or two, but could always use more
good sources of info and reading (besides this list of course.)

    I'd also be interested in anybody who might want to liquidate their
collections of backissues of various topic-related magazines and books, as
I'm going to set up a publically accessible archive soon at the facility
I'm renovating.  Proximity to Philadelphia, PA a big plus.


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