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[GreenYes] Take Action: Stop Subsidies to Dirty Energy, Support Wind and Solar

Dear Friends,

Members of Congress are trying to pass a package of bills to
stimulate the U.S. economy. Unfortunately, the package put forward
would subsidize dirty energy sources including trash and biomass
incineration, coal, landfill gas, and dams, disguised as “renewable

The subsidy is contained in a measure called the Production Tax
Credit (PTC), which is supposed to support renewable energy.
Unfortunately, in addition to supporting real renewable energy
sources like wind and solar power, the PTC would extend a valuable
subsidy to dirty energy sources until 2010. This will cause even
more pollution and global warming. The PTC used to be much cleaner
before the Bush Administration got their hands on it. We want a PTC
that is good for our communities, economy and the climate.

Take Action: Send an e-mail to your representatives about this issue
by clicking the following link:

The e-mail urges representatives to meet the following demands:
*Remove municipal solid waste, coal, landfill gas, dams, and biomass
from the Production Tax Credit
*Extend the Production Tax Credit for wind and solar energy for at
least five years


Dave Ciplet
Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA)
(510)883-9490 ext. 102

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