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[GreenYes] Growing Global Interest in Food Waste Disposers

On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal featured a report about the growing
international interest - with a focus on the EU - in the efficacy of food
waste disposers (aka garbage disposals) as an environmental management tool,
for immediate diversion of food scraps from the solid waste stream, and
relying on wastewater treatment plants to process the solids in fertilizer
products with energy recovery where possible. In particular, it noted the
experience of several cities that have intentionally opted for
disposer-based systems for food scrap management.

Given that the WSJ remains subscription-based, if you'd like a copy of the
article - as well as its Environmental Capital blog post on the same topic -
please let me know and I'll forward. If you would like access to one or
more of the reports referenced in the article, let me know that, too.

Kendall Christiansen

Gaia Strategies

151 Maple Street

Brooklyn, NY 11225

o: 718.941.9535; cell: 917.359.0725

the writer is senior consultant on environmental affairs for InSinkErator,
the leading manufacturer of residential and commercial food waste disposers,
and former Chair of NYC's Citywide Recycling Advisory Board

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