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[GreenYes] USA Today, 2/19/08 - 'Zero-landfill' movement has corporate types talking trash

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'Zero-landfill' movement has corporate types talking trash

It's waste not, want not at super green Subaru plant
By Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY

LAFAYETTE, Ind. ­ Subaru's giant assembly plant here is on track to produce 180,000 cars this year. Yet the automaker pledges that virtually none of the waste generated from its eye-popping output will wind up in a dump.

Copper-laden slag left over from welding is collected and shipped to Spain for recycling. Styrofoam forms encasing delicate engine parts are returned to Japan for the next round of deliveries. Even small protective plastic caps are collected in bins to be melted down to make something else.

All told, Subaru says 99.8% of the plant's refuse is recycled or reused so it doesn't go to a landfill. That includes a small portion, about 5%, that goes to a waste-to-energy plant that burns waste to make steam to heat Indianapolis' downtown.

Subaru is one of a growing number of companies claiming or working toward "zero landfill" status. While success earns environmental bragging rights ­ Subaru has TV ads about this plant's efforts ­ reuse and recycling also cuts costs to the tune of millions of dollars a year.


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