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[GreenYes] Plastic Bag Recycling in NYC

Today, NYC's City Council will adopt the attached bill creating a plastic
shopping bag recycling system - essentially requires stores of 5,000 SF or
more to provide a visible container for customers to return all types of
film plastics (e.g., shopping bags, dry cleaning bags, etc.), and creates
reporting/accounting systems to track collections. Bill negotiated with
support from the Administration (i.e., Mayor's Office), manufacturers
(Progressive Bag Affiliates, American Chemistry Council), retailers (e.g.,
Whole Foods, Food Industry Alliance of NYS, etc.), environmental groups
(e.g., NRDC). Takes effect in six months. Plastic bags must contain
reuse/recycling message; reusable bags must be available for convenient

Can provide additional info, if interested.

Kendall Christiansen

Gaia Strategies

151 Maple Street

Brooklyn, NY 11225

o: 718.941.9535; cell: 917.359.0725

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