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[GreenYes] [Fwd: [GAIA] request for photos]

Title: [GreenYes] [Fwd: [GAIA] request for photos]

Hi folks,

Please respond directly to Bharati, who is not on this list.

thank you!


-------- Original Message --------
Subject:        [GAIA] request for photos
Date:   Sun, 20 Jan 2008 16:27:14 +0530
From:   Bharati <bharati@no.address>
To:     'GAIA' <gaia-members@no.address>

Dear friends,

A group of us in North India, BKAM, have been working with groups of the
informal sector to help them advocate for themselves. This means we
help them come up with power points that they can use with policy
makers, understand policy  and explain it to them, and jointly define
strategies that will help them safeguard their work and push for greater
legal recognition.

Our presentations are lacking in positive photos, specially from out of
India. In fact, we wanted to create ppts which were very image rich so
they were less intimidating to use. I had several from the US, but they
appear to be deleted by an error. I would like to request you for photos
from your country which show :

1. MRFs
2. Segregation sites
3. Composting
4. Any kind of local waste collection by micro-enterprises.
5. Any other images you want to share.

Please email me these pics with the credit line and some details. I will
be making a 'mother presentation' in English using some of these images
and will be happy to share it with any of you, if you like. In the next
week, Chintan will also make available many of its films online for free



Bharati Chaturvedi
Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group
Mailing Address :
238 Sidhartha Enclave. New Delhi. 110014. India

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