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[GreenYes] Re: LA Zero Waste plans

Eric ~
You ask for feedback and I am going to sound like a broken record.
In my mind, the note below is overly concerned about landfills and incinerators.
The issue, I think, should be to work towards environmental sustainability, and look comprehensively on the environmental impacts of materials management, not this focus on these two alternatives.
All life cycle analyses that I have seen have shown that the final disposition of the material has the least environmental impact of the system components.
To me, it is time to become "holistic" and look at the entire system.
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Let me share what I’ve been saying to counter the efw proponents … (just did it this morning) … and I know this isn’t the preferred future we are all working for, but I do present it as a “bridge” strategy:

 This approach will triple or more the life of the existing landfill infrastructure in America, and it’s possible that no new landfills or incinerators need be built for the next 100 years, if ever.


Feedback?  Where is this argument weak?  My goal is to stop the flow of investments into the new bury/burn facilities, so what else can we do to accomplish that?




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