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[GreenYes] electronics recycling company formed

Title: [GreenYes] electronics recycling company formed

Hi everyone,

The following announcement, courtesy Raymond Communications, is of general
interest, and also for the individual who asked about computer recycling

Three Electronics Giants Start Joint Recycling Management Company

During the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Panasonic,

Sharp and Toshiba jointly announced the formation of Electronic

Manufacturers Recycling Management Company (MRM), LLC, a firm that

will manage their used electronics collection and recycling programs

in the United States.

MRM will coordinate with states having already enacted recycling

legislation, and consult with other states considering enacting electronics

laws this year and beyond.

"We believe that forming an independent company to manage collective

electronic recycling programs is the best way to achieve the economies

of scale and efficiencies necessary to create a sustainable recycling

system for used electronics products." said David Thompson, MRM President."

MRM has already entered into agreements with more than a half dozen

other leading electronics manufacturers that plan to partipate in its

programs and said it welcomes discussing opportunities with other


MRM said it will also focus on ways to make electronics recycling more

convenient for consumers.

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