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[GreenYes] Re: Are Recyclers Buying Stolen Papers? Publishers in Pain.

It is happening in Malaysia too.

I have seen people scavenging recyclables from the recycling bins installed at a neighbourhood kindergarten.  Even decorative metal gates, bins and sign boards are not spared. 

When manhole covers, fences, electrical installations, water meters, pumping or electrical or telephone cables installed by public utilities started disappearing, the relevant statutory boards have to collaborate to create "I-Watch" awareness. In the campaign of "I Watch, I Report, I Prevent" they seek the public's co-operation to call "999" if they come across any suspicious activities around cables and utilities to prevent further thefts.

Here is another idea to look into.  Set up a registry of people who trade recyclables.  If they are not registered, recycling centres should not buy their recyclables.  If these people can be easily tracked down, they are less likely to steal.


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