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[GreenYes] Waste to energy dropped from Renewable Energy Standards

Title: [GreenYes] Waste to energy dropped from Renewable Energy Standards

Hi Zero Waste Advocates:

Good news the US House of Representatives Energy Bill has dropped the
inclusion of waste-to-energy (WtE) as a renewable energy resources (RES).
 Sierra Club staff in Washington DC believe that it was largely the
decision of the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi and other key DEM
house leaders. 

The Sierra Club thanks everyone who contacted their elected officials to
ask them to exclude WtE from RES.  The Club would also like to
acknowledge the work of US PIRG now called Environmental America who have
been working very hard to ensure that burning garbage is not considered a
renewable resource.

Bad news, WtE is still part of the allowable operations to receive tax
credits for renewable resources. 

Good news, a CNN poll released today, of people around the US, when asked
what is the most important thing for Congress to do before going on the
Holiday Break is to pass a strong Energy Bill. 

It is believed that the House will pass the Energy Bill tomorrow (Wed.
Dec 5, 2007). The next critical action will be to convince 6 out of a
group of 20 or so Republican Senators to pass the Senate Energy Bill.  I
will forward the Sierra Club email to all of you as soon as it gets sent
to me.

But for now, its great that WtE has been dropped from RES. 

Ann Schneider
Chair, National Zero Waste Committee
Sierra Club, Environmental Quality Strategy Team

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