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[GreenYes] SustainabilityForum Newsletter November 2007

Title: [GreenYes] SustainabilityForum Newsletter November 2007

Dear members,

Welcome the Newsletter November 2007 .

Registration rates have remained strong during last month. We have now
easily surpassed the 1100 member mark. Our discussion in October
mostly focused around Climate Change topics, CSR and Sustainable

To visit our forum for more:

Forum News during October:

    * We now have over 1100 members worldwide with over 50 new monthly
discussion topics
    * I have added over 60 new job and internship offers to our job
    * We now have a blog called
( where members have the chance to post a
article or interesting news item around the topic of sustainability.

Some of the most popular topics in October included:

Sustainable Urban Design - How we live, work and play plays a huge
part in our sustainability decisions.

Cost of converting to solar power. - What are the costs?

Peak oil to trump climate change? - Is peak oil becoming and more
important topic then climate change?

These are our main forums and direct links:

Main Discussion Forum

Sustainable Lifestyle Forum:

Climate Change Forum

Sustainable Energy Forum

Corporate Responsibility Forum

Job and Internship Forum

Thank you for your continuous support everyone and I hope to see you
in the forum during November.

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