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[GreenYes] FW: calculating plastic reycling environmental impacts

Can someone help Deborah out on determining the environmental impact of washing the plastic containers and the environmental gains of recycling the containers? I don't know the price/availabiliytof water in Jerusalem, which may have an impact.
You should write to her directly at imaging@no.address
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From: imaging [mailto:imaging@no.address]
My name is Deborah Rubin Fields. I am contacting you, as I have recorded that you (like me) were once members of the GreenYes group. Unfortunately, I no longer receive regular mailings from what I considered to be a very  informative forum. 
I am a non-professional ecology volunteer from Jerusalem, Israel. I need expert advice on the following issue:
Aviv Plastic, Israel's main plastic recycler (handling our nation-wide 1 1/2 liter PET recycling program) recently noted that it has the capablilites to also recycle HDPE, LDPE and PP containers. Those of us interested in promoting environmental sustainability were thrilled to read this information on the company's website. However, when we verified the news, the company's management stated that while it is set up to recycle these additional plastics, it will not do so. They said that plastic food containers must be picked up every three days and that they can only provide once a week service - at best.
When asked if participants could help out by rinsing the containers (as for example, other communities do in the US), the management replied that the extra use of regular dish soap (I suppose they meant, not vegetable, but chemically based soaps) would be more detrimental to Israel's environment than continuing to bury our many dairy containers in landfills.
Is there any way to calculate the relative damage (water contamination vs. plastic contamination in a landfill). My gut (granted, unprofessional) sense is that it still makes sense to recycle our dairy containers, and that for whatever reason, we are not receiving a full answer from Aviv Plastics.
I would greatly appreciate any light you can shed on this issue.
Debbie Rubin Fields
Jerusalem Israel

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