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[GreenYes] RE: [bayes][heur] [GreenYes] plastic? or wax? coated milk cartons

yes, the "fingernail test".   If you're old enough, you remember being able to scrape the wax off the milk carton [especially in school] with your finger.   It was handy to be able to "write" messages in them sometimes  :{)
I doubt many, if any, paper mfr is still making it....

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Subject: [bayes][heur] [GreenYes] plastic? or wax? coated milk cartons
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I've been reading up on gable tops and a practice of coating them in layers of polyethylene instead of wax.
Obviously this has an effect on their suitability for recycling vs composting.
Is there some way that one could determine, when purchasing milk, if the carton is coated with plastic or wax?
Thanks in advance,

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