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[GreenYes] Netiquette reminder

Title: Netiquette reminder
Just a reminder about greenyes netiquette. When you reply to a message, especially if you get the list in digest form, please don’t just hit ‘reply’ and send the whole digest back-it’s a pain to have to scroll through to find where the new messages start. Neil Seldman and David Biddle- not to point fingers, but you were both culprits today!  I have pasted below some applicable netiquette references from the grrn website ( ):

Replies to GreenYes.
If you are making a reply to something on GreenYes, please take care to remove as much of the previous headers and footers as possible, including only the text which is germane to the response you are making. Remember, if you leave the entire body of the message you are responding to and everyone else does too, it makes the archive bigger faster. We pay for webspace, so it helps us if, once again, you conserve.

Replies from the Digest - Subject Headings.
If you receive the digest, please remember that you are probably replying to only one email contained in the entire digest you are replying from. It is especially important for digest members to remove everything unnecessary in the quoted reply and make the subject of the reply the same as that email to which you are replying and not the digest volume and issue numbers. This will conserve webspace in the archive and your email will be categorized by the archiver in the right place rather than as a new subject altogether.


Amy Perlmutter
Principal, Perlmutter and Associates
Fellow, Lowell Center for Sustainable Production, UMass
23 Avon Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

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