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[GreenYes] Re: Recycling to be mandatory? Compromise bill may be voted on soon in House

Hi Jenny

Just a personal opinion, if PAYT is mandated at the state level would it not encourage some people to dump their waste indiscriminately just so that they pay less?   There are may be low income people looking for ways to earn extras.  If collection centers pay for waste delivered, these people will leap into action to collect and deliver.

Garbage have been reported to be stolen when "Cash for Trash" was mooted in one of the states in Malaysia!  You can read the full report about it on


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>From: Jenny Gitlitz [jenny.gitlitz@no.address ]
>Sent: 6/22/2007 5:20:49 AM
>To: GreenYes@no.address
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>Subject: Re: [GreenYes] Re: Recycling to be mandatory? Compromise bill may    be
>voted on soon in House
>Here in Masshacusetts,  mandatory recycling cannot be promoted at the state
>level because of the prohibition on unfunded local mandates. Unenforceable
>waste bans are a sorry alternative!  Pay As You Throw (PAYT) garbage
>collection is what should be mandated: but to do it at the local level is to
>repeat small political battles hundreds of times over, with mayors'
>political futures always hanging in the balance...
>Does anyone know of PAYT mandated at the state level?
>--Jenny Gitlitz
>Dalton, MA
>On 6/21/07 11:52 AM, "Reindl, John" <Reindl@no.address> wrote:
>> This is great news ! Wisconsin has had mandatory recycling in place since the
>> early 1990's and, while not perfect, it has worked very well. Without
>> mandatory recycling, I doubt that we would have the economies of scale for
>> either collection, processing, or marketing.
>> Best wishes,

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