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[GreenYes] beach and public area recycling: Dewey Beach DE

Two thumbs up to Dewey Beach DE for their beach recycling.  All over the beaches they have clusters of trash and recycling containers which are clearly marked: TRASH ONLY, PLASTIC BOTTLES ONLY, ALUMINUM CANS ONLY.  They put a trash container on either end of the cluster and recycling containers in the middle.  So the order goes: trash, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, trash.  I was extremely amazed not only to find next to zero contamination (except for a lot of plastic cups in the plastic bottles container) AND I was even more impressed that the trash cans didn't have recyclables in.  The more I think about it someone probably came through and separated things because I don't think the general public could be quite that good about it.  It really amazes me that in an area that has very limited curbside recycling that beach goers in that area could be so good about recycling.  Part of the reason is probably all the good PA recyclers who visit those beaches. :) 
Other beaches who do a good job of recycling:
*I believe Rehoboth Beach DE also has the same program as Dewey.
*Many beaches in Ocean County NJ: Cape May and Ocean City NJ uses clearly marked containers, one for trash and one for cans/bottles.
*Long Beach Township in Ocean County NJ pilot program, recent news story:
Two thumbs down to Ocean City MD for their limited effort.  For years they've had a few containers on the beach for aluminum cans only.
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