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[GreenYes] Fwd: [jtrnet] New Planet Protectors Club Materials

Subject: [jtrnet] New Planet Protectors Club Materials
To: "Public and non-profit recycling market developers" <jtrnet@no.address>
From: Heizenroth.Charles@no.address
Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2007 18:20:33 -0400

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is pleased to announce the
availability of a 10-month Planet Protectors Club Calendar Kit.  The kit
is designed to teach children in Grades K-3 the concepts of reducing,
reusing, and recycling, waste.

The Planet Protectors Club Calendar Kit contains a large, full-color
poster for teachers or group leaders.  Smaller versions of the poster
may be ordered for each student/child in the classroom or group, along
with a set of stickers to track progress in completing the activities.
Simple, step-by-step instructions and a list of materials are included
for each activity; most of which take less than an hour to complete.

From turning trash into treasure to identifying environmentally harmful
products in the home, these hands-on activities provide 10-months of fun
and education.

      To order the large poster (EPA530-H-06-004) and the childâEURO(tm)s
version with stickers (EPA530-H-06-005), go to   You may also order
by phone at 1-800-490-9198, by email at ncepimal@no.address,  or by post
mail addressed to U.S. EPA/NSCEP,  P.O. Box 42419, Cincinnati, Ohio
45242-0419. ------------------------------------------
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