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[GreenYes] Re: Recycle when Energy

Title: [GreenYes] Re: Recycle when Energy

Goodonya Robin

Dan Knapp
On Jul 9, 2007, at 11:27 AM, retroworks wrote:

> Thanks for the note of support, Doug, and thanks to Dan.  As an
> Arkansas high school debate champion I'm always flattered when someone
> responds energetically to my "sophisms."
> Dan, putting segregated wastes into landfill mining cells to be dug up
> later when the finances change was a fantastic idea, and I credited
> Urban Ore with the best of intentions.  If the idea is an orphan, I'd
> be proud to appropriate it.  I've always maintained that most waste is
> the direct result of extraction subsidies and an economics that
> depreciates investments and economy of scale over too few lifetimes,
> and as future generations realize that, they will dig up our waste,
> and we should try to make that easier for them.
> Perhaps I miscommunicated the point about the $900/ton HDPE
> collection.  I meant it as an example to be patient, that we should
> not label something as "impossible" to recycle if it's simply a
> scaling issue (getting enough material to pay off the apparatus to
> recycle the material)... What's clean HDPE at now, positive $300/ton?
> My experience is that dialectic reinvigorates rather than "betrays
> contempt".
> (Bob) As for Design, Design, Design, I agree that there is an "Anti-
> Gray Market Alliance" which is against reuse, and which practices what
> Vance Packard called "Planned Obsolescence" and in fact are now
> practicing what I call "Hindsight Obsolescence".  I am skeptical,
> however, that a perfectly designed 1980s VHS player would survive the
> DVD market.  In retrospect, the x86 computers were overly well
> designed, "solid state", military spec, with lots of metal, built like
> battleships to survive 30 years... because the designers couldn't
> foresee Windows95.
> Peace out, brothers,
> robin
> >

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