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[GreenYes] Request to all from The Florida Alliance for a Clean Environment. Petition.

Sorry for cross posting.


Dear Friends,


You are receiving this request from The Florida Alliance for a Clean Environment to sign our petition to Florida Governor Charlie Crist, because you or your organization either signed our 2006 petition to former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, his Cabinet and the Florida Legislature; or because I have become aware of your environmental advocacy by meeting you or communicating with you through the internet as a result of more recent efforts by utilities to expand the use of polluting energy technologies into new areas of Florida and elsewhere. 


The Florida Alliance for a Clean Environment's 2006 petition focused on opposing those aspects of Florida Senate Energy Bill 888 that encouraged incineration of municipal solid waste. We also opposed other Florida laws that favored incineration at the expense of recycling. We objected then, as we do now, to the categorization of municipal solid waste as a renewable resource.


We've advocated since the mid eighties, as now, for programs and practices that eliminate wastefulness and manage discarded resources in an environmentally sustainable way. We support reduce, reuse, recycle, plan and design strategies, that include producer responsibility programs.


This year, 2007, our advocacy for efficiency and clean, truly renewable energy technologies, as well as efficient management of resources overall, has drawn us further into the energy policy discussion.


Efficiency and clean energy technologies are slipping into the background as more lucrative dirty energy deals are being promoted. As Florida moves forward toward developing a new State Energy Plan, the policy makers are considering, and being encouraged to adopt; integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) coal burning technology, an unproven, expensive technology; nuclear, gas and municipal solid waste (MSW) burning.


There are many, many efficiency opportunities and clean energy applications that can be beneficially integrated into a new energy plan for Florida but there is an especially heavy promotion of what is erroneously referred to as "clean coal" (IGCC), clean CO 2 free nuclear and "renewable" energy from MSW burners. Gas Burners have their issues as well.


We need you to stand with us so we can continue to challenge those advocating for polluting technologies. As in 2006, with so many of you locally in southwest Florida, statewide and nationally as well as our Global Alliance for Incineration Alternatives (GAIA) friends from all over the world, backing us we can again have an impact. 


The petition below represents a continuation of The Florida Alliance for a Clean Environment's previous efforts. It also serves to communicate our call for a holistic, environmentally appropriate approach to the design of Florida's energy plan and resource management policies and strategies.     


I ask that you read and consider signing the petition. It will be sent under the banner of the Florida Alliance for a Clean Environment to The Honorable Governor Charlie Crist, his Cabinet, Florida Legislators, Other Policy Makers, and the Citizen Volunteers that make up the membership of the Florida Century Commission for a Sustainable Florida the newly formed Florida Energy Commission and their Sub-Committees.


If you agree with the positions we advocate please reply directly to the Alliance4CleanFl@no.address e-mail address indicating that you are standing with us in this year's effort. We will be accepting signatures until mid August, but would like to have as many as possible by July 8th., this Sunday, for next week's Florida energy summit.


Thank You,

For The Florida Alliance for a Clean Environment

Bob Krasowski

President, project coordinator,

1086 Michigan Ave, Naples Fl. 34103







To the Honorable Governor Charlie Crist, 

Governor of the State of Florida,

Tallahassee, Florida


Governor Crist,                                                                                             

Et all c,


We, the undersigned, stand with the Florida Alliance for a Clean Environment in support of their advocacy for 1) the creation of individual energy option profiles that will make clear the characteristics of all efficiency, energy, fuel and transportation options available to the People of Florida, 2) the performance of a comparative analysis of all profiled options 3) the establishment of a hierarchy of options 4) the development of an action plan, based on the hierarchy, for implementation as the new Florida State Energy Plan and 5) a temporary moratorium on the building of any new or expansion of existing polluting power generating facilities.


We call for serious and equal consideration of all efficiency opportunities, decentralized power strategies and clean truly renewable energy generating options. A complete analysis, evaluation and discussion of cap and trade, carbon fees, and energy code standards should work through this evaluation process as well.


It is our hope, Governor Crist, that you the Peoples' Governor, along with your dynamic Cabinet members, Legislators, Public Service Commission, Department of Environmental Protection, other policy or rule makers and those participating on behalf of the State of Florida as members of the Century Commission for a Sustainable Florida, The Florida Energy Commission and their Sub Committees will insist that the highest level of scientific analytical integrity and public participation be maintained throughout this process. We are aware of the many good efforts made to date by you and many of your associates. We ask that you employ the processes we are advocating during the analysis of all energy options available.


We advocate:


1) The creation of a complete profile of each and every energy saving or energy producing option available to the People of the State of Florida.  These analytical profiles must provide "cradle to grave" detailed information on the energy input/output ratio, cost/benefit analysis, full cost accounting (to include disposal or recycling of byproducts and the product itself), health and environmental impact analysis for all options. The profile would give detailed information from the point where the fuel for any given technology or the materials for any given energy related product are extracted to the point where the power is created or saved. Building design, lighting, appliances; subterranean temperature exchange systems, solar, wind, ocean current, other clean renewables;  transportation options and fuels; coal (of any technology), Mixed Municipal Solid Waste to Energy burners (of any type), Nuclear, or Gas (synthetic or natural), represent some of the options to be profiled.   


2) The performance of a thorough comparative analysis of all the profiled options, providing for a clear understanding of the unique characteristics of each option. This will allow for a determination to be made as to the various options relative values in terms of costs/ benefits, effectiveness, efficiencies, health and environmental impacts, etcetera.


3) The establishment of a hierarchal listing of the options, putting the most efficient, least polluting first then listing the clean truly renewable energy generating options next and so on.


4) The development of an action plan to schedule the implementation of each option as listed on the hierarchy list, most efficient, least polluting first, each option being fully implemented to the greatest degree possible before moving on to the next until there is no further need to implement those remaining.


5) The establishment of a temporary moratorium on the construction of any new or expanded polluting power generating facility. This would stand until the aforementioned processes have been carried out and it is determined how the State will proceed.



For The Florida Alliance for a Clean Environment

Bob Krasowski

President, Project coordinator,



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