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[GreenYes] Re: economic instrument for zero waste

Thanks John
The OECD collection is big but a bit of a museum, holding only
established instruments without even mentioning the possibility that
new instruments may be needed for a serious effort at sustainability.

Good to see some interest in the new economic instrument 'precycling
insurance' described below. Precycling is a splendid American concept
which looks suitable for use in addressing both solid waste and
climate change preventively. Even possible to get rapid emissions
reductions without mandatory emissions caps.

Happy to send the pdf of the paper, being published in Journal of
Cleaner Production, to anyone who'd like to contact me:
Best wishes

James Greyson
The biggest solutions are the hardest to see.

Reindl, John wrote:

> There are many publications on economic instruments for solid waste management available on the Internet. Some are quite specific; others are more general. Some are quite old; others are quite new.

> One of the larger resources is at, the OECD/EEA database on instruments used for environmental policy and natural resources management.
> John
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> Wow, can someone get a copy of this article for us all to read?

> Eric

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> FYI - this is a reference that might be of interest for Zero Waste

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> Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2007 09:02:25 -0500
> Greyson, J., 2007. An economic instrument for zero waste, economic growth and sustainability. Journal of Cleaner Production 15: 1382-1390.
> Abstract
> If global problems such as climate change and waste remain unresolved, society can choose either to continue attempting to incrementally reduce wastes and lessen impacts, or to consider a more ambitious approach that paradoxically may be easier to implement. This paper suggests how an approach designed to prevent waste and other global impacts could be based upon the established practices of precycling, circular economic policy and recycling insurance. A new economic instrument called 'precycling insurance' is proposed, so that decision-making can be led by the market rather than by prescriptive regulation or educational campaigns. The approach gains relevance now that China is developing a national 'Law on the Promotion of the Development of Circular Economy'.
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