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[GreenYes] Non-mercury fluorescent lamps

The industry position
has been that non-mercury fluorescents are impossible or impracticable.

Even a casual Google search suggests that this is not the case:

A New-type of Xenon-Neon Barrier Discharge Fluorescent Lamps: Double
Helical External Electrodes Lamp (DHEL)


Recently as interests in environmental issues increase, demands for
mercury-free fluorescent lamps are increasing because mercury is
harmful to human beings and creatures. As one of the solutions of
this issue the authors have developed a new-type of mercury-free
fluorescent lamps using double helical external electrodes. In this
paper the fundamental characteristics of Xenon-Neon discharge in the
Double Helical External Electrodes Lamps (DHEL) such as the
luminance, power consumption and lamp current are investigated. When
the pressure ratio of Xe : Ne was fixed at 7 : 3, total pressure at
1.33 kPa and external electrode pitch as 10 mm, luminance over 10000
cd / m2 is achieved. In addition as a prototype 1 m length DHEL is
prepared and demonstrated to show basically there is no limit in
length of DHEL.

KEYWORDS : barrier discharge, mercury-free, fluorescent lamp, xenon,
external electrode, DHEL

To some extent they are already commercially available:

Alan Muller, Executive Director
Green Delaware
Box 69
Port Penn, DE 19731 USA
cell 302.299.6783
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