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[GreenYes] Increase the Value of White Waste Paper 10 X

Greetings to the group,

Neil Seldman with the Institute for Local Self-Reliance asked me this
morning if I could provide an example of how manufacturing EcoCover
adds value to recycled white paper or clean office waste.

In the Mid Atlantic region of the USA, white paper waste is selling
for about $250 a ton.

Brokering paper is not very profitable. Many municipal governments
are in the paper recycling business and feel lucky to break even.

White waste paper that is not consumed in the local market is going to
China and India at world market prices. They take our throw-aways and
make products and jobs and sell us back our own trash.

Here is how manufacturing EcoCover paper mulch mats adds value to
white waste paper:

A roll of 2m x 20m EcoCover Mulch Mat has up to 87% waste white paper
per ton (2,000 pounds)

This roll weighs between 80 and 84 pounds nominal range.

There are 24 rolls to the ton +/- 40 pounds.

On the upper end, small quantities of this mat sell for approximately
$151 per roll. On the very low end for full container load shipments
for export the price per roll is about $70.

24 x $151 = $3,624

24 x $70 = $1,680

Our average selling price in New Zealand is about $120 per roll when
considering large and small volume purchases, government discounts for
part of our sales, and sales commissions to independent

24 x $120 = $2,880

At $250 per ton, $2,880 worth of EcoCover contains $217.50 of clean
white waste paper. The added value multiple is 13.24. On the high end
of the price range the multiple is 16.66 and the low end is 7.72.

So, more than 10x the value of the waste is a conservative number.

This percentage of waste is less for our EcoCrop products. On the
other hand, we add through secondary processes a very high value for
things like EcoPotTops. So the overall profit picture depends on the
interests of the plant marketing and the range of opportunities in the
local market.

You can manufacture EcoCover where you are. Patented in 21 countries
including the USA and Canada.

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Ron Castle

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