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[GreenYes] Re: question on CFLs

Hi Gretchen;

I am so glad to see someone asking a question like this. I think there
are so many questions out there about CFLs and how they can be used.
CFLs can be used in just about every application these days. :-)

You can get CFLs in what is called an A-Shape bulb. This will look the
same as an incandescent bulb, will be the same size and should fit
perfectly for your lamp.


On Feb 25, 11:19 am, Eart...@no.address wrote:
> I have a small question about CFLs. I have some old lamps that are the type where the lampshade clamps directly onto the bulb. I assumed I couldn't use CFLs in these because the shades wouldn't fit, but I haven't actually tried it. Will shades made for incandescent bulbs clamp onto CFL bulbs? Thanks, Gretchen Brewer
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