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[GreenYes] Lifecycle Building Challenge Launched!

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Lifecycle Building Challenge <>
designing this building, and the next ...

The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Building Materials Reuse
Association, the American Institute of Architects, and West Coast Green
invite professionals and students to participate in the Lifecycle
Building Challenge, a competition seeking designs and ideas that reduce
waste by facilitating a building's adaptability, deconstruction, and

Students, architects, reuse experts, engineers, designers, planners,
builders, educators, and environmental advocates nationwide are invited
to submit designs and ideas that support disassembly and anticipate the
future use of building materials in the following categories:

1) entire buildings
2) building components
3) policies, tools and strategies

Outstanding entries in each category will be recognized nationally, and
top student designs will be rewarded $2500 donated by our sponsor Green
Building Blocks. Free passes to West Coast Green, the largest
residential green building conference in the country, will be provided
to all winning entrants.

In the United States, buildings consume 60% of total materials flow
(excluding food and fuel) and construction and demolition waste accounts
for about one third of total waste generated each year. With current
building trends, over 27% of existing buildings will be replaced between
2000 and 2030, and over 50% of buildings in 2030 will have been built
since 2000. Developing innovative design techniques now will make it
easier to disassemble and reuse building materials in the future.

Registration closes on April 15, 2007.

For more information, examples, and registration please visit

Lifecycle Building Challenge
Email: info@no.address

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