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[GreenYes] Re: New SoCal Green Solutions Newsletter

HI, this is a great website and wonderful resource! I am hoping to get
my press release listed with you as well:) I did enter it!! I wonder
are there any grants out there for women in green business?? ( I am in
Colorado) or even a good business loan out there for us with not a
huge rate?

thank you and once again great site you have and super resource:)


On Feb 27, 12:49 pm, Gary Liss <g...@no.address> wrote:
> Apologies for Cross-Postings
> >From: California Green Solutions <socalgr...@no.address>
> >Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2007 11:01:20 -0800 (PST)
> >Southern California Green Solutions Newsletter
> >Connecting Southern California B-to-B Companies
> >with Regional Green Solutions.
> >----------
> >Green PR:
> >New Products
> >& Services
> >Submit your green news releases. It's free.
> ><,content=133>Learn more.
> >Regional Green Solution Seminars
> >For B2B staff, prospects and clients. Learn and share your solutions.
> ><,content=10>Learn More.
> >Advertise B2B Green Products & Services
> >Web, E-mail Newsletter, Print Newsletter & Seminars for B2B
> >California companies.
> >Learn more.
> >Program Sponsorship
> >Build the California outreach platform for green business success.
> >Learn more.
> ><,content=12>About
> >California Green Solutions
> >[]
> ><>SoCalGreen
> >[]
> ><,content=17>Contact us now!
> >[]
> >Announcing a New Regional Green-Industry Publication and Seminar Series
> >Thank You!
> > From SoCal Nature Network to California Green Solutions... with
> > your valued feedback, we have now solidified our green business
> > model -- a cost-effective media and marketing platform that brings
> > visibility to California's green, sustainable solutions. Thank you
> > for your ongoing support...and we pledge our best in service and
> > sustainable innovation to help green California!
> >You are welcome (and encouraged!) to forward this newsletter to
> >colleagues and friends.
> >California Green Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of a
> >specialized, regional media and marketing solution that will tell
> >the sustainable story to more than 10,000 companies in California --
> >concentrating on Southern California.
> >SoCal GREEN SOLUTIONS is a regional source of information, tools,
> >and techniques about green products and services that can help you
> >green your California business.
> >SoCal Green Solutions saves SME companies money; connects green
> >buyers and sellers, improves our environment, and strengthens
> >quality of life for our families and communities.
> >We encourage you to visit our website and read the articles that
> >link directly to green suppliers. Also, please pass the word by
> >forwarding this newsletter to colleagues!
> >If you are not interested in greening Southern California you can
> ><,&content=37>unsubscribe
> >here, but we hope you won't because we want to connect you with
> >helpful resouces to green our community!
> >[]
> >Green Media and Marketing for Southern California B-to-B Companies
> >Let's get real. And let's get green. The reason successful business
> >people will green their products and operations is results. Save
> >money. Reduce risk. Sell more. Grow a more sustainable, more
> >profitable business.
> >We agree that the American free enterprise system gives business
> >that mandate...and that structure. And we also know that good
> >stewardship of our natural resources strengthens our neighborhoods,
> >our families and our business and social communities. That's what
> >green and sustainable business practices are about -- respecting the
> >valuable role of business in providing the essentials of life
> >support. We believe helping one another accomplish that goal is
> >smart. Sustainable businesses support a system of environmental
> >stability and business longevity.
> >SoCal
> >Integrated marketing and sales promotion includes a print
> >newsletter; Web interactivity, e-mail outreach as well as sponsored
> >B2B forums and tours to present new green technologies and solutions
> >face-to-face.
> >Reserve your advertising and event sponsorship today!
> >Call Carolyn Allen, President of California Green Solutions at
> >310-827-2510 for details or <>request a
> >Media Kit online.
> >California Green Solutions is a B-to-B media and marketing company
> >that connects California businesses with buyers of green and
> >sustainable products and services. By marketing our best green
> >products and services locally, our business community can help cope
> >with regional urbanization and our shared risk from climate change.
> >Then we can better manage our role as one of the major hubs of world commerce.
> >The "SoCal Green Solutions" regional business outreach platform
> >gives you visibility in Southern California's marketplace of 18
> >million people.
> >Recent Articles on
> ><,content=170>Planning
> >Tools for Integrated Marketing and Sales Promotion Planning
> >How does integrated marketing differ from traditional advertising
> >and promotion?
> ><,content=41>Southern
> >California Public Garden Uses Sustainable Land Management Techniques
> >Sustainable land management practices can succeed both on the small
> >scale in your own backyard, and on a larger, estate scale.
> ><,content=163>Competition,
> >Cooperation, Collaboration...How we do business Should established
> >businesses help new businesses? This study says yes...especially
> >when those new businesses are small and in their immediate vicinity.
> ><,content=157>A Call to
> >Action: US Climate Action Partnership
> >Big business has a big impact on the environment. New guidelines are
> >being suggested by the USCAP climate action coalition.
> >Not-for-Profit & Compliance Visibility
> >The "SoCal Green Solutions" platform includes several ways to ensure
> >balanced information and transparency.
> >To support the best possible dialog, we include green business
> >not-for-profit organizations and compliance experts in our
> >platforms. Examples include a free rotating ad on our website, free
> >news releases, and a free speaker's bureau spot in our B2B Forum
> >programs.
> ><,content=190>Check out
> >the details here...and call Carolyn Allen to discuss your
> >organization's green mission -- and how to get involved with "SoCal
> >Green Solutions" programs.
> >Sustainable Marketing and Outreach for
> >Green Companies
> >Integrated marketing delivers multiple exposures to a highly
> >targeted audience with regional and business specialization. SoCal
> >Green Solutions' handpicked, regional, green-buyer circulation
> >generates high-quality leads for green solution providers. We
> >provide a menu of outreach vehicles for green companies -- including
> >some valuable FREE services.
> >Regional Green Media
> >Marketing and sales promotion in our interactive and print media
> >connects buyers with regional sustainable products and services.
> > * Targeted print ads in our newsletter reach more than 10,000
> > regional companies focused on compliance, marketability and cost
> > savings from sustainable solutions.
> > * Affordable, search-engine friendly online ads attract local
> > and regional buyers of green solutions 24/7.
> > * E-mail newsletter ads link to your green solution website.
> > * Directory listings provide seachable sourcing. Expanded
> > listings for search-friendly visibility are very inexpensive. Check it out.
> > * Print postcards link regional buyers to online green solution
> > articles specific to California.
> > * Green "New Product & Service" news releases deliver visibility
> > for regional green products. And they are FREE.
> >Face-to-Face Sales Support
> >Face-to-face, Green Solution Seminars connect suppliers with buyers
> >in an educational setting that focuses on demonstrations and
> >business solutions. Both attendees and sponsors benefit from these
> >pragmatic solution exchanges.
> >Prospect Tours of green installations and business sites deliver
> >powerful hands-on experience of green tech applications.
> >Your sponsorship and advertising builds this cost-effective,
> >regional, green business platform. READ MORE:
> ><,content=10>California
> >Green Solutions Media and Sponsorships.
> >What is Green Integrated Marketing?
> >"Green integrated marketing" helps companies communicate basic
> >marketing strategies of "product, price, place and promotion"
> >combined with sustainability principles of respect for one another
> >and the earth's systems. Marketing involves identifying a real need
> >and filling it effectively (to reach a sustainable business goal).
> >Integrated marketing communications maximizes sales and service
> >results by using a mix of media such as e-mail, print, Web and
> >face-to-face meetings of buyers and sellers. Sustainable marketing
> >also balances good business practice with the smallest possible
> >ecological footprint with conservation, stewardship and healthy
> >business relationships. Sustainable marketing is about selling
> >better rather than selling more. Matching the best solutions to
> >specific needs saves our natural resources, and supports the earth's
> >restorative systems. At California Green Solutions, we forge
> >innovative ways to combine traditional and online communications
> >with relationships built on mutual respect, the need to work
> >effectively for a better tomorrow, and systems that serve the
> >growing population of nearly 18 million people in Southern
> >California. We have a big job ahead of us and we're putting our
> >shoulder to the rudder to help steer the way to green solutions and
> >sustainble communities. We're passionate about overcoming obvious
> >frustrations...and about learning and working cooperatively to
> >create a sustainable way of living and working in our amazing region.
> >How You Can Participate in SoCal GREEN SOLUTIONS
> >Public Relations. News. Speaking. Advertising. Learning. Our
> >specialized media and marketing platform connects people who HAVE
> >green solutions with people who WANT green solutions. We want to
> >involve you. Please let us know how you would like to get the word
> >out about your products and services.
> >Add your NEWS to the FREE green products & service press release
> >service. Let us know if you are interested in advertising in our
> >regional, green media, or sponsoring a seminar. Tell us if you have
> >a green solution story to share! Attend the B2B Forum seminars to
> >learn and connect with solutions. Reserve a table at the B2B Forums
> >for colleagues or prospects who want green connections. Put yourself
> >on our list of NONPROFIT and COMPLIANCE speakers for upcoming
> >seminars in your area of expertise. ...AND spread the
> >word...encourage your colleagues to fill up these regional online
> >databases of green resources. We're here to tell your story to the
> >10,000 Southern California companies and organizations in our
> >growing, handpicked circulation database. We will launch each facet
> >of our integrated marketing platform as advertisers and sponsors
> >reserve their space in these exciting outreach vehicles: Web stories
> >and ads; e-mail newsletter; print newsletter; solution seminars that
> >provide hands-on demonstrations...and a FREE regional B-to-B green
> >directory and News Release Service. With green determination,Carolyn
> >AllenPresident, California Green Solutions
> >----------
> >[]
> > 7742 Redlands St. #3041Playa del Rey, CA
> > 90293310-827-2510<http://mailto:caro...@no.address>caro...@no.address
> > <>
> >----------
> >You are welcome (and encouraged!) to forward this newsletter to
> >colleagues and fact we'd be delighted to see these seeds sprout!
> >If you would like to update your subscription to this newsletter
> ><,&content=37>click here.
> >You may
> ><,&content=37>unsubscribe,
> >but we still hope you won't because quality stories and green B2B
> >sources and cost-saving incentives and solutions are coming your way!
> >Copyright 2007, Carolyn Allen, California Green Solutions
> >[]
> Gary Liss
> 916-652-7850
> Fax:

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