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[GreenYes] [CRRA] Zero Waste San Diego tackles global warming with recycling

Apologies for Cross-Postings

This is a good idea for others to do as an Earth
Day event. You can buy a DVD of Inconvenient
Truth and show it for free at your local
library. As long as there's no charge, I
understand this is legally OK. Then invite a
local Zero Waste expert to talk about how to
followup in adopting Zero Waste locally, by your
community, your business and at home.


>To: crra_members@no.address
>From: RicAnthony@no.address
>Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 11:44:32 EST
>Subject: [CRRA] Zero Waste San Diego tackles global warming with recycling
>Peninsula Beacon News_ (
>Zero Waste San Diego tackles global warming with recycling
>Blake Jones
>January 25, 2007
>Post-it notes containing remnants of a long-forgotten to-do list. The empty
>cereal box lounging on the counter. A cardboard toilet paper roll. These
>items have something in common: They are often
>overlooked when it comes to recycling.
>According to the city's Environmental Services
>Department, San Diegans throw away enough
>recyclables each year to completely fill Petco
>Park five times over. The additional and
>unnecessary waste shortens the Miramar
>Landfill's lifespan by seven months a year.
>Currently, the landfill is expected to reach
>capacity by 2012, forcing the city to seek
>another location to bury its trash.
>Zero Waste San Diego, a local chapter of the nonprofit California Resource
>Recovery Association, would just as soon make
>landfills obsolete ­ finding a
>second use for all trash. Though an ambitious
>proposition, the idea is not so far-fetched.
>According to Laura Anthony, Zero Waste's chair, the issue of reducing waste
>beyond current levels is not a problem of access to donation centers.
>â??I think people need to look at their waste
>more and take more responsibility for it, Anthony said.
>In fact, the city provides blue recycling bins to single-family residences,
>and for those without recycling pick-up,
>recreation centers serve as drop-off
>locations, including Robb Field in Ocean Beach.
>Zero Waste is currently experimenting with a pilot program on the peninsula
>to increase recycling and decrease waste. According to Anthony, the group
>plans on addressing the Ocean Beach town
>council and planning board in the hopes
>of creating a "zero waste community." The
>grassroots effort will focus on organizing
>residents and like-minded nonprofits to work
>toward the shared goal of increasing recycling
>and reducing waste, with the hopes of affecting policy at City Hall.
>One of the first educational events in that vein is a free screening of the
>much-talked-about movie "An Inconvenient Truth" at the Point Loma library at
>6 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 31. The screening will
>be followed by a discussion about ways the
>community and its residents can reduce
>greenhouse gas emissions. Environmental
>consultant Richard Anthony, billed as an
>international expert on resource management with
>more than 30 years in the field, will host a
>question-and-answer session following the movie.
>Laura Anthony said the discussion is an important part of the event because
>Al Gore's movie does not thoroughly address the simple solutions to global
>warming. "We want to bring together people who
>are interested to talk about it and give them a solution," Anthony said.
>On selecting the film for the first movie screening, Anthony noted that
>global warming is a "sexy term" at the moment,
>one that has prompted people to engage in the
>debate about preserving natural resources.
>Recycling plays a big part in that dialogue, she
>continued, as it conserves air, water and land.
>But recycling is not the only answer. Driving a hybrid, turning down the heat
> in the winter and buying local, organic foods are other methods of taking
>action. "It's all connected," Anthony said.
>The second installment in the library movie series, "Our Synthetic Seas," is
> about plastics in the ocean. It will take
> place in February. The library is
>located at 3701 Voltaire St. For more information, call (619) 531-1539.

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485
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