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[GreenYes] Urgent: Need support for Zero Waste in CIWMB Strategic Directives

Apologies for Cross-Postings

Thanks to all those who wrote in support of the
proposed Strategic Directives being considered by
the CIWMB (see
The CIWMB received many emails particularly in
support of Strategic Directive 5, as requested by
the CA Product Stewardship Council. All of the
Boardmembers attended the Strategic Policy
Development Committee on Wednesday, 2-6-07 and
provided staff with suggested changes. The Board
will consider a revised draft at their upcoming Board meeting on 2-13-07.

Unfortunately, I didn't notice a serious omission
in the Strategic Directives: there is no mention
of "Zero Waste." As you know, Zero Waste was
adopted as one of the CIWMB's goals in the 2001
Strategic Plan (see
For Zero Waste not to be mentioned at all in the
Strategic Directives would be a dramatic step
back from the leadership the CIWMB has shown on this subject since 2001.

I just wrote the CIWMB Boardmembers to request
that they replace the word "sustainable" in
Strategic Directive 2 (Vision Statement) with "Zero Waste" (see below).

Please send emails ASAP to Boardmembers directly
urging them to replace the word "sustainable" in
Strategic Directive 2 (Vision Statement) with
"Zero Waste." Boardmembers emails are:
gpetersen@no.address (Gary Petersen),
rmule@no.address (Rosalie Mule),
WChesbro@no.address (Wesley Chesbro),
jdanzinger@no.address (Jeffrey Danzinger),
mbrown@no.address (Margo Reid Brown, Chair)
Please send cc to: mleary@no.address (Mark
Leary, Executive Director),
slindrud@no.address, rpackard@no.address
(Rubia Packard), and gary@no.address
Thanks for any help you can provide.

Gary Liss

>To: gpetersen@no.address (Gary Petersen),
>rmule@no.address (Rosalie Mule),
>WChesbro@no.address, pwiggins@no.address
>(Pat Wiggins), jdanzinger@no.address (Jeffrey
>Danzinger), mbrown@no.address (Margo Reid Brown, Chair)
>From: Gary Liss <gary@no.address>
>Subject: Strategic Directives and Zero Waste
>Cc: mleary@no.address (Mark Leary, Executive
>Director), slindrud@no.address,
>rpackard@no.address (Rubia Packard), Gary Liss <gary@no.address>
>It was very interesting for me to attend the
>Strategic Policy Development Committee review of
>the Draft Strategic Directives yesterday. It
>provided me with a lot of insight about the
>priorities of the current Board. I appreciated
>the opportunity to testify there, and for your
>willingness to listen to members of the public
>on each of the Strategic Directives as they were considered.
>Although I am very encouraged by the general
>direction of these Strategic Directives, there
>is one issue that was not addressed at all:
>there is no mention of "Zero Waste." As you
>know, Zero Waste was adopted as one of the
>CIWMB's goals in the 2001 Strategic Plan. For
>Zero Waste not to be mentioned at all in the
>Strategic Directives would be a dramatic step
>back from the leadership the CIWMB has shown on this subject since 2001.
>It would be particularly confusing to
>communities in the state that have proceeded to
>adopt Zero Waste as a goal and to adopt Zero
>Waste Plans to implement that goal. Communities
>that have adopted Zero Waste as a goal have all
>cited the CIWMB's goal in their preambles for
>their Council resolutions or in their
>plans. Communities in California that have
>adopted Zero Waste as a goal now include: City
>of Oakland, San Francisco City and County, Palo
>Alto, Berkeley, Marin County Solid Waste
>Management Authority, Del Norte County, San Luis
>Obispo County, and Santa Cruz County (and
>separate adoption of ZW as a goal by all 4 cities in the County).
>It would also undermine the increasing interest
>in Zero Waste by businesses such as Wal-Mart,
>Vons-Safeway, Fetzer Vineyards, Ricoh
>Electronics, Xerox, Aveda, Pillsbury,
>Anheuser-Busch, NUMMI, Scoma's Restaurant (SF),
>Greens Restaurant (SF), Collins & Aikman, Epson,
>Hewlett-Packard, Interface, Mad River Brewery,
>Del Mar Fairgrounds, San Diego Wild Animal Park, and Kean Coffee.
>I suggest that the vision statement replace the
>word "sustainable" with "Zero Waste" so Strategic Directive 2 would read:
>"SD-2: Vision
>The vision of the CIWMB is a sustainable Zero
>Waste California, where all resources are
>conserved to the maximum extent feasible and our
>unique natural environment is preserved for future generations."
>This is very similar to the text on the CIWMB's
>current home page. I copied that page and other
>text from the CIWMB website below in support of this proposal.
>At a minimum, there should be an additional
>Strategic Directive entitled Zero Waste if the
>above proposal is not accepted. I would be
>happy to work with staff to develop additional
>bullet points for such a Directive if you are interested.
>Thank you for your consideration.
>Gary Liss
> From the CIWMB's home page at:
>The Board promotes a
><>Zero Waste
>California in partnership with local government,
>industry, and the public. This means managing
>the estimated 88 million tons of waste generated
>each year by reducing waste whenever possible,
>promoting the management of all materials to
>their highest and best use, regulating the
>handling, processing and disposal of solid
>waste, and protecting public health and safety and the environment.
>What is a Zero Waste California?
>Imagine a "zero waste California"­it is an image
>and philosophy that rings with hope and
>prosperity for the future of our Golden State.
>California is a state rich in natural resources
>and has an environment unlike any other, and
>those resources need to be protected. In that
>effort, zero waste California stretches beyond
>our previously imagined goals. It is the
>ultimate in environmental stewardship­and a goal
>we can all work together to accomplish.
>"To waste, to destroy our natural resources, to
>skin and exhaust the land instead of using it so
>as to increase its usefulness, will result in
>undermining in the days of our children the very
>prosperity which we ought by right to hand down
>to them amplified and developed."
>--Theodore Roosevelt, Seventh Annual Message, December 3, 1907
>Californians know how to "reduce, reuse, and
>recycle." We have been living it and have come
>to make it part of our everyday lives. Now, with
>recycling and conservation programs in every
>city, we are able to embrace the zero waste
>concept as our guiding principal and goal for the future.
>Zero waste is based on the concept that wasting
>resources is inefficient and that efficient use
>of our natural resources is what we should work
>to achieve. It requires that we maximize our
>existing recycling and reuse efforts, while
>ensuring that products are designed for the
>environment and have the potential to be repaired, reused, or recycled.
>The success of zero waste requires that we
>redefine the concept of "waste" in our society.
>In the past, waste was considered a natural
>by-product of our culture. Now, it is time to
>recognize that proper resource management, not
>waste management, is at the heart of reducing waste sent to landfills.
>For years, we have been throwing valuable
>resources away­the same resources we will
>inevitably need in the future­all in the name of
>consumer and manufacturer convenience.
>At the California Integrated Waste Management
>Board (CIWMB), we now embrace the idea of a zero
>waste California as we promote the goals of
>market development, recycled product
>procurement; provide recycled purchase
>opportunities through our
>and continue to research new and sustainable technologies.
>We encourage you to take a stand for zero waste
>and talk to your friends, family, city council
>and/or board of supervisors in support of this
>goal. Because, when it comes to zero waste­you make it happen!
>Last updated: October 23, 2006

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485
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