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[GreenYes] Re: which is greener - HDPE or PET?

I don't know the specific answer to this question, but I think that an environmental valuation approach can help, such as done by Jeff Morris using the EPA LCA model to estimate life cycle impacts (both positive and negative) and then data on the financial costs and benefits to those impacts.

It sounds like the inquiry has come from a firm that would have the capability to pay for such a study. I could give you some names of other consultants who could do this work along with Jeff.


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I have been asked by a major food producer and packager which plastic, HDPE or PET, would be better for them to use. They were wondering whether or not anyone has done a life-cycle assessment comparing the two? I think this is an important and timely question considering the moratorium on "bioplastic bottles" that some (including Eco-Cycle) have called for.

Any help in answering this would be appreciated, and if you have any valuable feedback on this, please post it for the list to see as well,

Eric Lombardi
Executive Director
Boulder, CO

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