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[GreenYes] Re: Onest opinion of my web page

Ewaste Northwest ewastenw@no.address wrote:
> I just want an onest opionion on my webpage


Visually your web page gets the point across, but it is short on page
copy and, more importantly, you need more than one page to have a
website. A website needs to have at least two pages to start.

Top ranking pages in competitive categories typically have at least 450
words of html text, preferably each about one subject. And, websites
with more than 100 pages of good content have a greater authority for
earning rankings, especially with Google. That should be your long
term goal.

Two other issues: one is that you need to get your own domain name and
get a real website, not a sobdomain web at Google. The other is that
you need to offer a unique selling proposition. You do eWaste in the
Northwest? OK, that's cool. Why should I call you instead of Waste
Management. Having lots of good information on your website helps to
establish your credibility as someone with expertise in your field.
Read this page in my website about Website Credibility and the study
done at Stanford a few years ago.

More information online at I do web maketing for a
living and am a certified advanced search engine optimizer. Search on
Google for become number one at Google or increase Google hits and you
should see one of my pages right at the top?

I post a little web marketing column every Friday at and am an active member of the forum there. If
you search on Google for sustainable business marketing, zero waste
manufacturing, green business ideas, etc you will see I have top
rankings for all of these subjects.

A good website is never finished. You have made a good start!


Ron Castle

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