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[GreenYes] URGENT - Support needed to CIWMB for producer responsibility directive

Please email letters by 2/5/07 to CIWMB
(rpackard@no.address and slindrud@no.address)
indicating that you STRONGLY SUPPORT Strategic
Directive 5 on Producer Responsibility. Thanks!

Gary Liss

>From: "Bill Sheehan" <bill@no.address>
>Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 20:43:18 -0500
>Before the January meeting, CIWMB only received
>four letters specifically supporting Strategic
>Directive 5 on Producer Responsibility -- CPSC,
>San Francisco, Sonoma and Santa Cruz. The Board
>deferred consideration until February and there
>are rumors that the Board may further delay or
>water down the resolution. This strategic
>policy directive (SD-5) will be the strongest in
>the nation and is vital to those working for
>both producer responsibility and Zero Waste.
>More support letters are urgently needed before
>the Strategic Policy Committee meeting next week.
>o Local governments charged with
>enforcing the universal waste product disposal
>ban (that?s every one in the state) should write.
>o Jurisdictions that have passed Zero
>Waste resolutions ? or intend to pass them ?
>should write that producer responsibility is
>essential to achieving Zero Waste -- which goal CIWMB has already adopted.
>o NGO letters are worth sending too (CRRA?s is the only one on file).
>The CIWMB Strategic Policy Development Committee
>meets Tuesday, Feb 6, to make a recommendation
>to the full Board for its Feb 13ths
>meeting. See Item 14 at
>Support letters need to get in asap, but by
>Monday, Feb 5th at the latest. Address comments
>to CIWMB Chair Margo Brown and Fax to
>916-319-7645 (preferred) or email to
>. Attach a note asking to please distribute to board members and staff.
>Here is the language:
>SD-5: Producer Responsibility
>In order to assure environmental sustainability,
>it is a core value of the CIWMB that producers
>assume the responsibility for the safe stewardship of their materials.
>Specifically, the CIWMB will:
> * Assure appropriate legislation is
> introduced to foster ?cradle-to-cradle? producer responsibility.
> * Analyze the feasibility of various
> approaches to increasing producer
> responsibility and make recommendations to the CIWMB Board by December 2007.
> * Build capacity and knowledge in CIWMB on EPR issues and solutions.
> * Develop and maintain relationships with
> stakeholders that result in producer-financed
> and producer-managed systems for product discards.
>Board Meeting
>Agenda Item-14
>February 13, 2007

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485
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