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[GreenYes] Re: Fwd: CNNMoney column on zero waste and Wal-Mart

Good point! Here's as far as the author goes:

Getting to zero waste will take time. Big industries, ranging from landfill
owners to the makers of plastic packages, like things the way they are.
Trucking garbage to dumps is often the cheapest way to get rid of it, at
least for now. Even the Grass Roots Recycling Network says: "In
profitability, landfill is at the top of the scale, while recycling remains
at the bottom."

But in the long run -- or perhaps the very long run -- the costs of dumping
in landfills will increase, as will the price of oil, the expense of
chopping down trees to make paper, the damage caused by chemical
fertilizers that could be replaced by compost, and so forth. That will
improve the economics of recycling.

Essentially, Fortune's philosophy is that we have to fall off the cliff
before we consider a course correction...


At 11:06 AM 1/11/2007, Pete Pasterz wrote:
>Too bad there was not more integration of why Landfilling is more
>profitable, and what effect subsidies have on the costs....maybe before
>it's a Fortune article???
>. There's a link to the column at <>my website
>>Marc Gunther
>>Senior Writer
>>Bethesda, MD 20817
>Gary Liss
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