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[GreenYes] Re: Buildings & cisterns made with PET bottles & tire rims

My 2-cents.....It's great that scrap PET bottles are being recycled into
cisterns and tire rims in Central America. That's certainly better than
ending up in a landfill, but isn't it too bad that they're not being
recycled into new bottles!

Patricia Franklin
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Greenyesers might find interesting the experiments underway in Central
America ? and soon Colombia as well ? in constructing cheap but attractive
and durable homes, buildings, cisterns, kiosks and bus stops with scrap PET
soda bottles and end-of-life vehicle tire rims, which I write about in my
latest blog entry:

It?s fascinating and innovative work to utilize wasted materials in
constructing facilities that benefit primarily poor and marginal
communities. The work was recently recognized by the Central American
Commission on Environment and Development (CCAD) with an environmental
innovation award.

In an upcoming entry I?ll be looking at Argentine efforts to used recycled
materials (paper, plastic) to build housing for the poor there.

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Keith E. Ripley

Temas Actuales LLC

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