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[GreenYes] Re: What to do with old computers

WR3A was started by one of the forefathers of e-scrap recycling, Robin
Ingenthron, and I have respect for his opinion but I do not agree with
it. His solution to the export problem is to come up with a network of
"reputable" exporters and match your needs to theirs. But there is no
certification process, nor a practical way to audit (group members
effectively form a co-op to share the cost of an audit but they are
merely looking at weights taken in vs. weights shipped out to
subsequent recyclers - there is no mechanism that I am aware of to
assess environmental or worker safety standards). In addition, China
has banned the importation of e-scrap, as has the Basel Convention for
non-OECD countries.

I suggest a better home for e-scrap is with recyclers that have signed
the Basel Action Network's "Pledge of True Stewardship",, which is the highest environmental and
social standard available in this so-far unregulated industry. Pledge
signers dismantle all "end of life" equipment domestically (or in OECD
countries) to the point where it is a raw material for new
manufacturing, or fully test all units to be exported for re-use.

Dan Matsch

TOPIC: What to do with old computers

retroworks wrote:
> or directly has a new attempt to help
> people with this question. It's program based on PHP software (Iike
> which intends to "match" donors with the most suitable
> recycler given a) the risk and quantity of the item to reuse/recycle
> and b) the greenhouse emmissions associated with getting it to a
> recycler far, far away.

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